Military Encampment In Conrad, PA

This aerial view of an old military encampment in the 1950’s was brought in by the owners’ granddaughter. She wanted to preserve and frame the picture, as he had always said he wanted to. As a birthday present and surprise, she had snuck the picture out of his possession and brought it to us. The only specification that she had was to preserve it and use a classic or rustic style frame that would suit her grandfather’s taste. Unfortunately the picture was quite discolored. We could not use any sharp colors, for that would age the piece even further. The three mat colors are meant to accent the brightest, darkest, and mid-range tones in the image. Since the image is dominantly covered in contrasting, high and low tones, the mid-range tone was the obvious choice for the top mat. We used a textured silk mat for that sand-colored top mat. The black mat would have darkened the picture too much and the light one would have washed out the other light tones. This finished piece now has a great balance of color and the antique color looks intentional next to its custom cut mat layers.

military copy