Social Distortion Band Poster

We love screen-printed band posters. This client attended one of the shows listed on this great Social Distortion poster. The frame enhances the brown tones contained within and the black and red matte choices are as iconic as the classic car prominently featured in the center of the poster. Frame your concert memory at Frame…

Dapper Fox Art

Quirky but cool: We helped enhance and preserve this dapper fox piece of art by giving it a double matte, and thick black frame with just a touch of color. It compliments the black accents of his red uniform. What quirky art can we frame for you?

Pontiac Fire Bird Sale Sheets

Sports cars need a sleek, metal frame when they are showing off. We preserved these sales sheets for this 1997 Pontiac Firebird. The frame is great to show off in the garage, at a car show, or in the client’s home.

Sports Jersey Shadow Box

This client wanted to not let their son’s football uniform just sit in a drawer. They opted to get it framed to highlight the achievements this little athlete accomplished while playing for the Wildcats. Jersey shadow box frames are a great way to get those memories out of the dresser and onto the wall.

Water Color Works

Watercolor pieces can be enhanced by choosing a rustic and weathered frame. For these two pieces, it was less about the matte selection and more about finding the perfect frame molding to enhance the piece. They look great together or can be hung almost anywhere in the client’s home.

Civil War Apron

We love preserving pieces of history. This unique apron was from the Civil War and the client wanted to preserve it forever by framing it in a blue conservation shadow box frame. The UV glass will prevent it from fading and we included a dust cover to prevent anything from further damaging this piece of…

Deputy US Marshall Memorial

We love supporting and honoring those who serve in the military. This framed piece highlights the accomplishments of Deputy US Marshall Christopher Hill and preserves his memory by showcasing his patches and medals from when he served. It also features a pencil etching from his memorial. Thank you for your service, Deputy Hill.

Western Print

Sometimes less is more. We kept things very simple for this western-themed print. It features a solid wood frame, and complimentary colored matte to enhance the piece of art. We are sure it looks great wherever they hang it up in their house.

Welding Unlimited Achievements

We love showcasing when our clients make it in the news, but how do you do it when the news is all online? We printed off the photos and article from highlighting the achievements of Welding Unlimited, a local company so they could proudly display this in their front lobby.

Ronald Chapeau Piece

Our client wanted to preserve this one-of-a-kind Ronald Chapeau piece that was purchased next door at Warehouse 124. We chose a simple black frame to preserve this piece of modern art and make it easy to display in their home.

Dual Diploma/Certificate Frame

This customer wanted to show off his educational accomplishment and had us create a multiple-opening diploma frame to show off his undergrad certificate and Bachelors of Science diploma in one complimentary frame.

Framed Canvas for Local Theater Production

This canvas was being used for a local theater production as a background prop. We were able to match their budget while finding a frame from one of our local vendors that matched the classical style they were looking for.


In the picture framing industry, a fillet (“fill-it”) is a small frame that fits inside a larger frame or, in this case, in between mats. They are a great architectural accent for any design. Fillets, however, are not something you will find on a shelf in a store. They are particular to the custom framing…

Original Oversized Painting

With a painting as large as this one, there were a few limitations present. Unfortunately, a mat opening this large cannot be cut. This meant that spacers had to be used in order to preserve the piece. Conservation plexi glass also had to be used in lieu of standard conservation glass. Something this large is…

David Seybold | Limited Edition Print

We can help you preserve all your limited edition artist prints while designing to your specific needs. This particular frame was made to match the woodwork of the home it would be hanging in. Any frame design that is made to be cohesive with its surroundings will still aid to the image. Any good frame…

Wedding Gift for a Friend

Framing makes the perfect gift for any holiday or special occasion! What better way to celebrate than by sharing and preserving memories!

Original Works by Local Artist, John McKaig

We love to work with local artists! Here we have several oversized pieces done with a sleek, matte, black frame, mounted on acid free board to preserve them for a lifetime!

Borough of Duboistown Map

Frame It Here supports its local community. This map was done for a borough within our very own Lycoming County. Spacers are used in lieu of a mat to keep the cost within their budget and a small, pennsylvania frame vendor supplied this classic, medium- finished, oak frame.

Artist Print in Metal Frame

A local artists brought this work in with a simple design in mind for the piece along with the matte, black, metal frame. Since the client did not wish to have a matboard between the work and the glass, spacers were used in lieu of it. Now it will still be protected.

The Nutcracker Flyer at the Community Arts Center

While this may look like a simple flyer, advertising a show at the local theater, it is something to be remembered by the proud parents of the little girl playing the role of the ballerina doll. We chose to use blue and orange elements to emphasize the balance of the complimentary colors. A bright orange…

Stretched Canvas

Here is another sleek, oversized, stretched canvas! This original painting was professionally stretched and installed for a loyal customer.